Irwinville Primitive Baptist Church
These sermons are from our
February 2014 meeting with Elder
Ricky Myers.   (MS)
This dear brother was blessed of
the Lord while here!   Very
"David encouraged himself
in the Lord."   2.21.14 pm

Elder Myers tells how David
encouraged himself in the
Lord, and how we, today,
can also encourage
ourselves in the Lord.    
"The Church"

Elder Myers tells us three
things that differentiate the
Lord's true church.   Phil 3

2.22.14  AM
Elder Myers takes four
scriptures that are
commonly taught as
eternal texts, and show
that they are actually  
discipleship texts.

2.22.14 PM
Elder Myers preaches on
the fruit of the Spirit,
"Love."  We serve our Lord
by serving others.  

2.23.14 Am