Irwinville Primitive Baptist Church
Sermons by our pastor, Elder Ric Stewart.

Most of these sermons were preached at Irwinville.Some were preached
"Justification"   What does it mean?   Bro Ric explains that this means "to be
declared just (not guilty)."  Additionally, he explains Justification by blood (just
in the eyes of God), Justification by faith ( just in our own conscience) and  
Justification by works ( just in the sight of others).   Romans 3
4.6.13 ERS IPBC
"The Conversation"   In this sermon, Bro Ric explains the conversation that
takes place between Nicodemus and Jesus.  This includes a very good
explanation of John 3:16.  2.16.16 ERS IPBC
"Predestination/Providence"   So, just what is predestination? Brother Ric
explains predestination and providence.  This is good!!   6.1.14 IPBC