Irwinville Primitive Baptist Church

Sunday August 28  Elder Philip Conley

Sunday September 4  Elder Jay James
Sunday September 11  Elder Jim Smith
Sunday  September 18   Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday September  25 Lic. Stephen Dyer

Sunday October 2 Elder Jay James
Sunday October 9 Elder Craig Lanier
Sunday October 16 Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday October 23 Elder Philip Conley
Sunday October  30  Elder Jay James

Sunday November 6 Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday November 13 Lic Stephen Dyar
Sunday November 20 Elder Jon Mizell

November Meeting Elder David Montgomery
Friday November 25  Supper 6:30 PM Service 7:30 PM
Saturday November 26  11:00 AM
Saturday November 26  Supper  6:30 PM  Service 7:30PM
Sunday November 27 11:00 AM

Sunday December 4  Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday December 11 Elder Jim Smith
Sunday December 18 Elder Silas Ford
Sunday December 25 Elder Raybon Lord

Sunday January 1 Elder Jay James
Sunday January 8 Elder Craig Lanier
Sunday January 15 Elder Tony Marshall

Saturday January 21 Supper 6:30 Service 7:30PM
Sunday January 22  Elder Ronnie Loudermilk

Sunday Janury 29  Elder John Scott

Sunday February  5 Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday February 12 Elder Philip Conley
Sunday February 19 Elder David Crawford

Annual Meeting  Elder Jon Mizell
Friday February 24  Supper 6:30 Service 7:30
Saturday February 25 Morning Service 11:00 AM
Saturday February 25 Supper 6:30 Supper 7:30
Sunday February 26  11:00 AM

Sunday March 4     Elder Jabin James
Sunday March 11   Lic Ric Stewart
Sunday March 18   Elder David Crawford
Sunday March 25   Elder Franklin Bryant

Sunday April 1   Elder Jabin James
Sunday April 8   Elder Jim Smith
Sunday April 15 Elder Jabin James
Sunday April 22   Elder Silas Ford
Sunday April 29   Elder Garry Hall

Sunday May 6     Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday May 13   Elder Bobby Loudermilk
Sunday May 20   Elder David Crawford
Sunday May 27   Elder Philip Conley

Sunday June 3    Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday June 10   Elder Craig Lanier
Sunday June 17 Elder David Crawford
Sunday June 24   Elder Jabin James

Sunday July 1   Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday July 8   Lic Brad  Hansard
Sunday  July  15  Elder Tony Marshall

July Meeting Elder David Crawford and Elder Mark Nunley
Friday July 20    Supper 6:30 Service 7:30 PM
Saturday July 21     Morning Service 11:00 AM
Saturday July 21  Supper 6:30 Service 7:30 PM
Sunday July 22  Morning Service  11:00 AM

Sunday July 29  Lic Ric Stewart  

Sunday August 5  Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday August 12    Lic Brad  Hansard
Sunday August 19 Elder David Crawford
Sunday August 26   Elder Raybon Lord

Sunday September  2  Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday September 9   Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday September 16 Elder Silas Ford
Sunday September 23  Elder Raybon Lord
Sunday September 30 Elder Stephen Dyer

Sunday October 7    Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday October 14    Elder  Jay James
Sunday October 21   
Sunday October 28  Elder Franklin Bryant

Sunday November 4   Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday November 11 Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday November 18 Elder Jon Mizell

November Meeting Elder David Montgomery
Friday November 23  Supper 6:30 PM Service 7:30 PM
Saturday November 24 11:00 AM
Saturday November 24  IPBC Service Waived To Attend Trail Branch
200th Anniversary
Sunday November 25 11:00 AM

Sunday December 2      Lic Ric Stewart
Sunday December 9      Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday December 16    Elder Tony  Marshall
Sunday December 23    Elder Raybon Lord
Sunday December  30   Elder Bob Dickerson


Saturday January  5  Supper 630 Service 730  Lic Neil Honea
Sunday January 6   Lic Neil Honea
Sunday January 13  Elder Jim Smith
Sunday January 20  Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday January 27   

Sunday February 3     Elder Jay James
Sunday February 10  Elder  Jim  Smith
Sunday February 17   Lic Ric Stewart

Annual Meeting Elder Philip Conley

Friday February 22   Supper 6:30 PM   Service 7:30 PM
Saturday February 23  Service 11:00 AM
Saturday February 23 Supper 6:30 PM Service 7:30 PM
Sunday February 24   Service 11:00 AM

Sunday March 3      Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday March 10    Elder Bob Dickerson
Sunday March 17    Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday March 24    Elder  Rabon  Lord

Saturday March 30 630 Supper 730 Service Eld Dwayne Hooven
Sunday March 31 Elder Dwayne Hooven  

Sunday April 7   Elder Jay James

Saturday April 13   Supper 6:30 PM  Service  7:30PM  Lic Neil Honea
Sunday April 14  Lic  Neil  Honea
Sunday April 21  Lic Win Kuck
Sunday April 28  Elder Rabon Lord

Sunday May 5  Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday  May 12  Lic  Brad Hansard
Sunday   May  19  Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday   May   26    Lic Ric Stewart

Sunday   June 2  Elder Bob Dickerson
Sunday    June  9  Elder Craig Lanier
Sunday   June   16   Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday    June    23    Elder Raybon Lord
Sunday     June  30   

Sunday     July    7   Elder Bob Dickerson
Sunday      July     14    Elder   Jim Smith
Sunday    July   21   Lic Win Kuck

July Meeting 2013
Elder David Crawford and Lic Neil Honea
Friday  July 26 Supper 630  Service 730 PM
Saturday  July 27  Service   1100 AM
Saturday  Supper 630   Service 730 PM
Sunday   July 28  1100 AM

Sunday August 4     Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday August 11   Elder Philip Conley
Sunday August 18   Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday August 25   Elder Ronnie Loudermilk

Sunday September 1     Elder Thad Lockwood
Sunday September 8     
Sunday September 15   Elder Jay James
Sunday September 22   Elder Raybon Lord
Sunday September 29   Elder Bob Dickerson, Elder Tom Pitney

Sunday  October 6    Lic Ric Stewart
Sunday October 13   Lic Win Kuck
Sunday October  20  Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday October 27     Elder Franklin Bryant

Sunday  November  3   Elder Bob Dickerson
Sunday November 10     Elder Philip Conley
Sunday November 17      Lic Win Kuck

November 2013 Meeting  Elder David Montgomery
Friday November 22 Supper 630PM  Service 730 PM
Saturday November 23  Service 1100 AM  Lunch Following
Supper 630 PM  Service 730 PM
Sunday November 24  1100 AM  Lunch Following

Sunday  December 1    Lic Brad Hansard
Sunday December 8     Elder Jay James
Sunday December 15     Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday December 22      Elder Rabon Lord
Sunday December 29      Elder Thad Lockwood


Sunday January  5 Lic Win Kuck
Sunday January  12   Elder Craig Lanier
Sunday January  19   Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday  January  26    Elder Franklin Bryant

Sunday  February  2  Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday  February  9     Lic Win Kuck  
Sunday  February  16   Elder  Ric   Stewart

February 2014 Meeting   Elder Ricky Myers  (MS)
Friday   Feb 21  Supper  630 PM   Service  730pm
Saturday   Feb  22   Service  1100 AM   Lunch Following
Saturday  Supper   630 PM    Service  730  PM
Sunday  February  23  Service 1100 AM  Lunch Following

Sunday  March 2    Lic Win Kuck
Sunday   March 9   Elder Philip Conley
Sunday  March  16   Elder Tony Marshall
Sunday   March 23   Elder Rabon Lord
Sunday March 30    Elder Garry Hall

Sunday  April 6   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday  April 13   Elder Jay James
Sunday April 20  Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday April 27   Lic Win Kuck

Sunday May 4  Elder Sam Bowen
Sunday May 11   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday May 18
 Elder Jon Mizell
Sunday May 25   Elder Philip Conley

Sunday June 1   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday June 8   Elder Philip Conley
Sunday June 15   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday June 22   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday June 29 Elder  Craig Lanier

Sunday July 6
 Lic Win Kuck
Sunday July 13   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday July 20   Elder Ric Stewart

July  25-27 Meeting    Elder David Crawford
Friday Night  Supper 630PM   Service  730 PM
Saturday Morning Service  11:00AM  Lunch Following
Saturday Night Supper 6:30  Service 730 PM
Sunday Morning  11:00 AM  Lunch Following  

Sunday August  3   
Lic Win Kuck
Sunday August 10   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday August 17  Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday August 24
 Lic Win Kuck
Sunday August 31   Elder Ric Stewart

Sunday September 7   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday September 14
Sunday September 21
Sunday September 28

Sunday October 5  Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday October 12   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday October 19   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday October 26

Sunday November 2  Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday November 9   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday November 16   Elder Ric Stewart

Sunday November 21-23 Meeting Elder David Montgomery
Friday November 21 Supper 630PM  Service 730 PM
Saturday November 22 Service 1100 AM  Lunch Following
Supper 630 PM  Service 730 PM
Sunday November 23 1100 AM  Lunch Following

Sunday November 30

Sunday December 7   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday December 14
Sunday December 21   Elder Ric Stewart
Sunday December 28   Elder Ric Stewart